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At Owais Surfaces, we pride ourselves on offering a wide variety of top-notch Quartz, Marble, and natural Stone products. Our selection includes tiles and slabs from around the world, perfect for enhancing any home or industry project. Whether you're looking for quality, durability, or style, we've got you covered. Discover the perfect fit for your space with our range of premium options, carefully chosen to meet your needs with ease and elegance.

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Quartz Industry
No Scratches

Owais’s Quartz slab has the the mohs scale hardness between 6~7 ,hence improving its scratch and shock resistant capabilities.


Owais’s Quartz slab has a line of engineered quartz surfacing that offers stunning beauty and extreme durability.

Impact Resistant

The newest and most advanced Owais Quartz impact-resistant glass technology in the market, ensuring unparalleled durability and safety


Owais’s quartz slab has a non-porous material hence very low water absorption enhacing its life.


Owais’s Quartz slab has non porous and hard surface which helps avoid bacterial growth.

Weathering Resistant

Owais Quartz’s is hard surface in humid and wet weather conditions. It ideal for use in kitchens and Bathroom.

Quartz Industry
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